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Cactus 100% Wool Felt Saddle Pads - 3/4in. Grey

Cactus 100 % Wool Felt Saddle Pads - 3/4in.Grey Description: Cactus 100 % Wool Felt Saddle Pads - 3/4 " Grey The Most Complete Line Of 100 % Wool Felt Pads Available In Four Color Choices And Two Thicknesses.Constructed From A Solid Piece Of Felt.Premier Quality High- Density Wool Felt For Cushion And Durability, This Pad Breathes And Wicks Moisture And Heat Away From The Horse ’ S Back.Contoured Top Line Of Pad Helps It Conform Quickly To The Horse ’ S Back To Absorb Shock And Pressure From The Saddle And Work.
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