BEX Unisex Ghavert Black Sunglasses

by BEX


  • Hinge is reinforced nylon with stainless steel pin
  • Nylon saddle brigde
  • Replaceable nose pads
  • Mid-Size rectangle lens
  • Color: Black

 THE BASICS: The GHAVERT model embraces an outdoor active lifestyle. Full frame construction produces durability and functionality while providing a comfortable fit.

The Company was founded with a simple objective in design and manufacture a quality sunglass that was fashionable, durable, lightweight and affordable intended to compliment a variety of active lifestyles. BEX headquarters are located in Las Vegas, Nevada - the perfect testing ground for sunglasses with an average 300 days of sunshine (3,800 hours!) per year. We stand behind our product in every way and are committed to producing incredible sunglasses and providing superior customer service.

Why BEX Sunglasses?

1.  QUALITY. Each of our sunglasses feature polarized lenses and lightweight frames that are durable, made with titanium or nylon materials.

2.  EYE PROTECTION. BEX Sunglasses protect your eyes by blocking 100% of the sun's harmful UV rays.

3.  REDUCE GLARE. BEX Sunglasses reduce glare for safer, more controlled vision. BEX polarized sunglasses are particularly effective at reducing glare from surface reflections.

4.  WIND. BEX Sunglasses are an effective wind barrier. Wearing sunglasses helps keep your eyes moist and comfortable. BEX Sunglasses also help keep contact lenses from drying out and prevent windblown particles from getting in your eyes and causing a corneal abrasion.

5.  HEADACHE & EYESTRAIN. BEX Sunglasses reduce the amount of light reaching the eyes to a more comfortable level, eliminating the need for squinting and severe pupil constriction. This increases comfort and reduces the risk of headaches and eyestrain.

6.  IMPROVED VISION. Our eyes require a certain range of ambient light for good vision. On bright sunny days, BEX Sunglasses reduce the amount of light that reaches the retina to more optimal levels for clear, comfortable vision. your world for all things western.

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