Copper Accent Snaffle Blessing Bit

  • Tommy Blessing
  • Antiqued Cheeks
  • Copper dots & Filigree
  • 5 inch Snaffle Mouthpiece
  • 8 inch Shank
  • Includes Curb Chain
  • NRSTB14

Tommy Blessing Antiqued Cheeks, Copper dots & Filigree, 5 inch Snaffle Mouthpiece , 8 inch Shank that Includes Curb Chain, NRSTB14

"This bit is the newest addition to Tommy Blessing’s line of effective correction bits, which allow function to meet style, this time with a blued finish accented by copper dots & filigree along the shank.  The S-style shank allows the rider to achieve more with less.  The longer purchase length creates a different balance point; therefore, creating more pressure at the poll with less from your hands.  The feel and control for the rider that is achieved, along with the comfort for the horse, all combine to make a very effective bit."