Large Port 8in.Chain Blessing Bit


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  • Silver Trim
  • Antique Finish
  • Engraved Silver Cheeks and Shanks
  • Silver Concho
  • S-Shank, 6.5"
  • 8" Cheek
  • Curb Chain
  • Rubber Washer
  • Stainless Chain Bit
  • NRSTB06

This large port chain bit by Tommy Blessing is a go to in every team roper's trailer. With just enough flash, the wide port produces so much function, you will notice a difference in your horse immediately. The beautiful cheeks are 8" and are an "S" shape to give your horse a little "warning" before you shut him down.

NRS and Tommy have teamed up and have taken the best selling NRS stainless chain bit originally designed and built by Tommy and we have developed a silver line with the same 3 original mouthpieces on 3 new cheeks! All have an antique brown finish with engraved silver trim and an S-style cheek. Engraved silver bars along the cheek with a silver concho at the mouthpiece. This bit has a longer purchase than the typical s-shank bit which gives a different balance point. The feel and control for the rider that is achieved, along with the comfort for the horse, all combine to make a very effective bit. All cheeks are available in the plain chain, medium ported chain and high wide ported chain mouths. Each bit includes curb chain and a rubber washer on each side of the mouth piece to help prevent pinching. Imported.

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Reviewed by: James on 4/10/18

Both my calf roping horses work good in this bit.

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