Tammy Fischer Daisy Treeless Barrel Saddle


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  • Color
  • Size
  • Circle Y
  • Tammy Fischer Treeless
  • 5" Cantle
  • Neoprene Skirts
  • 1309-2554-05

This Tammy treeless has all the essential features for you and your horse while featuring a traditional look.  Ride to win!

This Treeless saddle is designed for unrestricted movement and comfort, while providing close contact between horse and rider.  Neoprene skirts provide shock absorption and weight distribution.  This saddle has no bars, but tall wooden swells and 5” cantle provide a form to the saddle without hindering movement.  Fenders are hung forward to keep your feet in front of you.

This saddle is lightweight to make saddling easier and less weight for your horse to carry.