Dennis Moreland 1" Latigo Leather Hobbles

  • Dennis Moreland
  • Hobbles
  • Latigo Leather
  • DM-H1

 This figure 8 hobble is made of 1 inch doubled and stitched burgundy latigo leather. The buckle is a stainless steel square top roller buckle and the rings are made of stainless steel rod. It is small enough to hang on your saddle rear D and stout enough to last for years. This hobble is a must have for starting your colt. Hobbles are a very good tool for teaching patience, trust in the handler, and responding to pressure so the release is received. Many a horse has been saved from severe injury when caught in wire because it was hobble trained. A horseman teaches his horse to accept hobbles and sidelines so she/he won’t ever have to tie or ground tie a horse and take a chance on him ruining his tender mouth with a jerk from a stepped on or tied rein. Investing in hobbles and their training can have a big pay-back. Hobbles and sidelines have a quieting effect on the horse’s mind.

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