Dutton Cavalry Cheek Smooth One by One Bit

  • Light to Medium Severity
  • 8" Cavalry S Cheek
  • 1" high Port Mouth Correction Bit
  • Cavalry Shank
  • Excellent feed and give providing quick response and release
  • 07-37I


This 8" Cavalry "S" cheek is one of Greg's most popular cheeks.  With excellent feel and give, these cheeks provide quick response and release for both horse and rider.  The traditional cavalry shape also helps keep the horse from grabbing the shank of the bit and playing with it.  The mouthpiece is ported to provide light to medium severity depending on poll collection and rider hands. The 1" high correction port applies pressure only on the bars so there is no palette pressure.

Head horse with light mouth
  • 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Triple R Quarter Horses on 10/7/16

Very responsive bit with little pressure. Used on a very broke light mouth head horse to adjust rate at the steer when needed. All you need is a light "bump" Very nicely made bit.

Overall Customer Rating:

  • 5/5
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