Dutton Twisted Sweet/Copper Draw Gag Bit & Headstall


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  • Dutton Bits and Spurs
  • 3/8" Twisted Sweet Iron and Copper Wire Mouthpiece
  • This is our best selling d-ring mouthpiece 43-43
  • Medium to strong severity
  • Quick and deliberate release response on the Gag
  • Encourage lift and fluid lateral bend or flexion
  • Nylon black cord for the headstall with two noted loops for rein attachment
  • Adjustable Headstall
  • N2-43

Sometimes in the western industry when we hear the word gag we immediately think "barrel racer". Are gag's just for barrel racers? No, a gag is designed to comminucate quick release responses as well as lift and lateral bend in a horse. We suggest switching out a gag between three bits. Why? to keep your horse responsive, while listening and not bracing on a bit. It goes back to the saying "too much of a good thing can be a bad thing".

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