NRS by Dutton Ported Chain Cavalry Bit Bridle Set



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  • This Low Square Port Chain mouthpiece works mainly on bar pressure as the twisted back chain links apply equal pressure on the outside of the tongue and the bars to increase flexion and collection. the 8" Cavalry cheek is "swept back" behind the mouth for great balance and leverage as well as to discourage a horse from lipping or biting the shank.
  • The oiled harness leather headstall comes equipped with solid brass hardware and a stitched slide ear. A slide ear is perfect for quick and easy bridling.
  • 8 foot long, 5/8” Harness Leather Roping Reins are also included in this set.
  • A curb strap with harness leather ends is also included. The curb strap attaches to the bit and ensures that the bit remains in place and pressure is applied to the horse's chin when cues are administered, thus encouraging your horse to give to pressure and not brace against the bit.
  • NRS-07-CH5-SE-RR

This bridle set is designed completely with the roper in mind. Here's why, the Low Square Port Chain mouthpiece works primarily off the chain links resting across the bars of a horses mouth enabling you to "hold" a horse in the box without pulling on their mouth. NRS is also offering this bit as part of an exclusive bit, headstall and reins package. The leather tack accompanying the bit is made of premium harness leather, which we source from a small tack shop right here in the U.S. Detail is important to us here at NRS. From the slide ear to the bit tie ends, which are looped three times for additional security, every piece of this set has been carefully thought out to provide you, the customer, with the greatest quality possible.

NRS has partnered with Dutton Bits and Spurs to help simplify your bridle shopping. From the bit to the headstall, reins and curb strap, we’ve put together a packaged deal that ends up saving you, the customer, money. Now you can have your cake and eat it too, or in this case have your bit and bridle set to match. All headstalls and reins are made of premium harness leather, meaning they’re built to last. We’ve also selected a broad range of bits to feature in these packages. From dee ring snaffles to solid ports, we understand the importance of having different bits in your tack room to help train and maintain your horse’s abilities.

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