Impact Gel Black Felt Contour Underlayment Saddle Pad

  • 1/2" Thick
  • 32"X32"
  • Black Felt
  • Good for Horses with Muscle Atrophy
  • One-Piece Cut Pad
  • Relieves Pressure Off Spine
  • UL2FB


A Rugged and Durable One Piece Contour Cut, Specifically designed to stop muscle atrophy behind the shoulder blades and relieve pressure from the spine while giving incredible breathability. This Pad Conforms to a horses back with the first use, Impact Gel has won more world championships than all other saddle pad companies combined over the last 10 years and we have done it again with this pad. Only ½” Thick-it is available in two configuration Blk 70/30 Wool Blend or a Blk/Brown 100% wool Layer that goes directly on the horses back, its designed to eliminate any roll over. The  Impact Gel Contour Underlayment Pad - Black Felt is designed to Go Under your favorite show pad with a Totally Breathable XT Impact Gel Bladder, giving unsurpassed absorption from energy, shock and concussion.

Impact Gel combines innovative technology, cut outs, and materials to create lighter and more breathable saddle pads and sport boots.

not good
  • 1/5 Stars

Reviewed by: KK on 12/14/15

I bought 2 of these pads they will not stay under my saddle we have tryed on top of our pads under our pads it dont matter they will not stay under saddle, lost over 200.00 for 2 pads, we are trail riders so we dont just on and off our horse in a 30 min time, we ride for 5 hrs maybe this is the problem , i really dont know but im stuck with pads that I can not use,, i have them for sale @ Cowboy & Co. in Gentry Ar. and he said he has had them in and almost had to give them away..

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  • 1/5
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