Lifeline Equine Elite 100 Day Bag Supplement


Equine Elite contains BioThrive™, a complex mixture of bioactive proteins that multisystemically support and maintain:

  • Healthy inflammatory response
  • Gut health
  • Normal respiratory function
  • Normal immune response
  • Joint mobility
  • 100 Day Supply
  • 70137

Directions for use: 1 scoop twice daily

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Lifeline Equine Elite 100 Day Bag Supplement is a powerful performance product for horses experiencing the rigors of training and competition. Equine Elite is made with natural ingredients and is show safe. When given throughout training and competition, Equine Elite helps ease the negative effects of stress and enhances peak condition, bringing out the very best in your equine athlete!

At LIFELINE, we work hard every day to create products that help improve the lives of animals. LIFELINE Equine performance products help address issues related to stress, immunity, gut health and joint mobility in equine athletes. The bioactive proteins, when given orally, help reduce overstimulation of the immune system so the horse’s resources aren't spent fighting the stressor. Bioactive proteins do not interfere with the horse's natural immune response. They simply help support and maintain a healthy immune and inflammatory response, which helps the horse feel better faster.

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