8in Bullnose Saddle Fencing Pliers


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  •  Length: 8 inches
  •  Heavy steel construction
  •  Hammer head and wire cutter on both sides
  •  Easy to carry anywhere you go
  •  Specifically designed for cutting barbed wire
  •  MM00004

These pliers were designed to be carried by the working cowboy. The Saddle pliers are available with a custom built scabbard that can be attached to a saddle, 4-wheeler, or belt. Moore Maker has patented this design, and these pliers are built to last. All Moore Maker tools carry a one year guarantee, but are made to last a lifetime.

Fence pliers
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Reviewed by: TL on 5/1/17

The best ever. If you're a serious four barbed wire range fencer. Get or make the saddle holder too. They pull staples with minimal bending, do everything the others do, but better. TL

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  • 5/5
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