Duramycin 72-200



  • Durvet
  • Now approved for lactating dairy cattle
  • Versatile, broad spectrum antibiotic
  • Effective against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria
  • Treats respiratory diseases, pinkeye, scours, and other bacterial infections
  • Approved for sub-Q administration
  • Ready-to-use: no refrigeration or shaking required
  • Concentrated formulation reduces injection sites and labor time when treating animals
  • Equivalent to LA-200
  • 100 mL
  • 001-10552NB

Duramycin 72-200 Injection is a sterile, ready-to-use solution containing 200 mg per mL of the broad spectrum antibiotic oxytetracycline. Duramycin 72-200 is effective against a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria for beef cattle, dairy cattle, calves (including pre-ruminating (veal) calves, and swine.

200 mg - Oxytetracycline per mL