Harness Leather German Martingale


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  • 3 adjustment points
  • Adjustable split reins
  • Hermann Oak leather

The Harness Leather German Martingale is the ideal training tool for performance horses. Built with heavy-duty Hermann Oak harness leather that will last for years of training. Includes split reins that have a great feel and weighted ends. There are no rings on the fork portion of the martingale to slide down the reins and get caught on the bit. Tip: the cord portion runs through the bit rings and snaps to one of 3 dees on the reins. Provides a fixed length, easy adjustment and an endpoint for the pull of the martingale which helps prevent overflexion.

Works well
  • 4/5 Stars

Reviewed by: can chaser on 1/27/16

Great martingale, if its adjusted right it really gets the job done, my colt was riding better the first day i rode him with it

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  • 4/5
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