Lil Blue Heeler Roping Dummy w/Skids

by NRS
  • Lil Blue Heeler
  • Roping Dummy
  • 12 inch Horn Spread
  • Portable
  • Realistic Hopping Motion
  • LBH-3

The Lil Blue Heeler is a fun and useful roping tool made in the USA for ropers of all ages. It features a realistic hopping motion so heelers can practice their timing. The body swivels so headers can practice that perfect handle. The Lil Blue Heeler is a very durable machine designed to be used indoors or out. It operates with a rechargeable battery which provides hours of practice on a single charge. Because of the 12" horn spread and portability, it stores easily so you can practice at home all week and then take it with you on the weekend. With a partner or by yourself, the Lil Blue Heeler provides hours of fun practice!