Rope Like A Girl Flex Fit Roping Glove

by NRS


  • Rope Like A Girl Official roping glove
  • Roping Glove
  • Single right hand glove
  • Flex Fit
  • True Hand Technology
  • 95% Cotton
  • Extra Sensitive Feel
  • Durable
  • Small (Red), Medium (Blue), Large (Green), XLarge (White)
  • "Because roping like a girl is a GOOD thing"-Lari Dee Guy
  • RLAG-0400A

This Rope Like A Girl Flex Fit Youth Roping Glove has a unique finger knit design that creates the perfect fit. The Blue Streak is skin tight due to true hand technology™ and made of 95% Cotton, but the glove stretches for a perfect fit. With true hand technology™ the Blue Streak Glove is knitted the way your hand is shaped verses a regular string glove that is knitted across the hand. The Blue streak is made of 13 count fine knit providing an extra sensitive feel of the touch control with even more durability and longevity. Blue Streak gloves have the difference that makes a difference, look for the glove with the Blue Streak® knit right in it. Rope Like A Girl Logo across the top of your hand to keep in mind "Because roping like a girl is a GOOD thing"

LOVE these!
  • 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Nat on 6/11/17

I am so impressed by these gloves. They have a ton of "feel" across the palm and especially the fingertips. The size small fits my little hands very snugly, which keeps them from bunching. I am VERY happy with these!

Overall Customer Rating:

  • 5/5
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