Saddle Butter - 14 oz.

by NRS


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  • Saddle Butter
  • 14 oz.
  • Waterproofs and Conditions Leather
  • RH001

Waterproofs and conditions leathers, especially those exposed to foul weather and hard service. Use on saddles, boots, chaps, bridles and any leather parts for your horse and outdoor gear.

Simply the Best
  • 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: MrSafari on 10/16/15

I have been using Ray Holes saddle butter for 35 years and it is simply the best leather conditioner and waterproofing product in the market. It will not break down your leather and it does not overly darken it. I use Herman Oak premium leather to make my saddles/tack and it all gets a solid coat of Ray Holes from the beginning. I rope, pack and hunt, using my equipment to the limits in all weather, This is one product I cannot do without.

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  • 5/5
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