SS Roping Tuf Tube Goat String Holder

by NRS
  • Goat String Holder
  • Cheetah Print
  • 5 Foot Long
  • 1-1/4 inch Diameter
  • Holds Several Strings
  • SS-TUBE3

SS Roping "Practice to win"

Keep your goat tying or piggin strings straight with the SS Roping Tuf Tube Goat String Holder Cheetah Print. The Tube measures 5' long and it has a 1' section that comes off the top to see and select your strings. Better strings, Faster times. Lynn Smith, 3X National College Champion, endorses the Tuf Tube, "Storing your strings straight is a better bet, as they function more correctly. Cans are too small and put circles that you don't want in your strings." Tuf Tube is a durable tube, 1 1/4" in diameter to hold several strings straight with a removable top to see which string to select. Keeping your strings straight will make a faster tie. It’s important to keep nylon goat tying strings straight for the longevity of the string. The string has a ‘resting time’ where it can regain some stiffness that is loss with use, allowing longer usage time of the string and keeping desired firmness for faster tys. Most importantly storing strings straight in tubes will keep the string from getting unwanted twists or loops while tying on the goat as well as help keep the tail of the string from getting into the ty, as being stored in a small circle can encourage both unwanted behaviors in the nylon goat string. "Your world for all things western"

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