The Pup Calf Head And Body Roping Dummy

by NRS


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  • Pup
  • Calf Head And┬áBody Roping Dummy
  • Body Breaks Away From Base When Roped
  • Used for Calf Roping and Breakaway Roping
  • Great for Tuning an Older Horse or Traning a Younger Horse
  • Helps with Learning to Hold Your Slack
  • Pulls Behind Motorized Vehicle or Horse
  • For all Level Ropers
  • 45-50 lbs
  • 45" L, 32.5" Tall, 17" W

The Pup "A Revolutionary Roping Aid"

The Pup Calf Head and Body Roping Dummy is made of high impact grey fiberglass. You can start your horses on the "Pup" with controlled speed and direction. The "Pup" can be used for breakaway or you can release the fasteners from the "Pup" sled, rope it, and it will jerk off the sled. Horses can be started as well as tuned for competition. The Pup is also a very good tool for learning to hold your slack. The Pup is desirable for all levels of ropers. Fiberglass calf head and body sits on a skid that is dragged behind a motorized vehicle or horse. When roped, the body breaks away from the base allowing realistic practice of roping, pitching slack, stepping off and working your horse from the ground. Great for all levels of ropers and horses to practice and tune up.

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Great For Practice
  • 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Shannon on 4/17/17

I have seen The Pup in action for many years, and it is a fantastic training tool! It is durable and works as advertised every time.

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  • 5/5
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