• Smart dummy
  • Challanges the roper
  • Built in reference points
  • For beginner and upper levels
  • Horn Wraps are NOT Included
  • Runner Calf Head NOT Included

The The Rope Smart Steer Roping Dummy is NOT just another dummy to throw a rope at, it is one smart dummy! It challenges the roper to throw a correct loop, develop good muscle memory, and not repeatedly throw an unrealistic loop that won't work consistently on live cattle. A roper will be challenged to have the correct angles, plane, and delivery point to consistently catch from any distance. It is the first compact dummy that easily stores and carries well. The RopeSmart Steer has built in reference points for position and heel loop angle as well. So whether you’re a beginner wanting to develop good fundamentals, erase bad muscle memory, or an upper level roper wanting to hone a finished skill set, this training device will effectively cover all your bases.

Rope Smart is a family owned and operated business located near San Antonio Texas that manufactures and sells innovative roping products. We have been in business since 2009, and since that time have refined and defined ourselves in the industry. We hold numerous patents and have several filed and pending. We do not just sell, but we use all the products we manufacture. We love success stories and are always working on bettering our product line. You can find us on Facebook so please stop on by!

Here are several demonstration videos from the 2013 NFR where John McCarthy talks roping and demos the Rope Smart:

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Best Dummy on the Market!
  • 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Becca on 12/7/17

This is my favorite dummy to rope! With the pole up, it keeps your head loop perfect and honest, no cheating this dummy! Best of all, I can practice heading and heeling the same dummy. It folds up smaller to fit in the trailer or truck bed, and you can store ropes in it. If you breakaway or calf rope, you can also practice that on this dummy. Great 3 in 1 roping dummy! I don't ever go roping without it!

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  • 5/5
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