Nylon Hobbles 1 in


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Brass plated hardware. Hobbling your Horse Patience is a valuable trait in any horse and hobbles are an effective tool for teaching such a trait. Whether you want to ground-tie a horse or just keep one from fidgeting or digging while standing tied, you can get the results you desire with hobbles and some training time. It is important to start hobble training in a large, yet enclosed, area. A horse hobbled for the first time may give more effort in getting away from you so the trainer should hold the lead for the first few training sessions. The proper fit for hobbles gives a couple of inches of slack when the horse is standing square. This is key because hobbles that are too tight may cause undue pressure on the legs and hobbles too loose will pull off when the horse tests them. Hobbles can be fit at the cannon bones and will often settle down around the pasterns. The horse, once hobbled, will likely test the hobbles by attempting to move or paw. Let the horse realize that the hobbles, not the trainer, are restricting the horse’s movement. After a horse gets comfortable in the hobbles, additional hobble training can be conducted with the horse standing tied or eventually, standing ground tied.

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